15,000 enquiries for houses in Oldham

PEOPLE wanting a new home will have to join a fairly lengthy queue after more than 15,000 enquired about properties coming to Oldham.

And one Royton development alone has attracted some 65 callers for every property.

First Choice Homes Oldham (FCHO) plans to invest £150 million to build 1,000 new homes across the town by 2024.

It launched its first homes available for shared ownership via its new Fabric Living brand with 10 new shared ownership homes at its Pavilion Green scheme in Royton. 

And the response has blown many people away, with more than 100 people turning up for an open day.

For more than 650 expressed an interest in buying one of the properties and taking their first step on the property ladder.

These three-bedroomed homes came available from £55,300 for a 35 per cent share with a rent of £235 per month. Larger shares of up to 75 per cent can also be purchased.

And Pavilion Green, a stone’s throw from Royton Cricket Club on Bransdale Avenue, has more on offer under a ‘rent to buy’ scheme. 

Rent to Buy allows tenants to rent a newly built home at approximately 20 per cent below market rate for up to five years. During that time, tenants have the option to buy the property, or to buy part of the property under a Shared Ownership scheme.

More than 9,500 people have already declared an interest in renting the properties, including 1,000 people who declared an interest in renting six new properties on Keb Lane in Bardsley within the first 24 hours of them being advertised.

Four homes at Pavilion Green are already reserved and 4,500 declared an interest in 10 homes at Hill Brow Close, Moorside.

Vinny Roche, Chief Executive at FCHO, said: “We know demand for homes is vastly outstripping supply in the Oldham area.

“That is why we have launched Fabric Living to help bring much-needed developments forward with a wide variety of tenures to meet people’s needs. 

“Shared Ownership and Rent to Buy homes help many more people access the housing ladder than could otherwise do so.

“We have some ambitious plans and are keen to bring forward more affordable homes for people living in the area.”

Dave Woods, Homes and Investment Director at FCHO, added: “Owning a home is still out of reach for many people so we have ensured all our new Fabric Living homes at Pavilion Green offer families, couples or singles an affordable way on to the property ladder.”

3 Replies to “15,000 enquiries for houses in Oldham”

  1. Hi,
    I showed interest in the new build properties by checking the App and bidding as and when they were advertised. The criteria simply said the shortlisted people will be dependent upon their need for the size of the property and the time their bid was placed. I was quick with my bids and I’m sure I was one of the first. Unfortunately, I have not been prioritised on any of the properties and when I questioned this with fcho, I was told that I’m not prioritised as I’m not a current tenant of fch. I think this Is very unfair as that part of the criteria was not specified and I was really quick with my bids. I’m doing everything I can to get a 3 bed property as I am over crowded at the moment and I work so would love to be able to buy a property like one of these in the future.

    Why am I being penalised just because I’m not a current tenant of fch?

    Kind regards

    Kim murphy

    1. I have showed interest in the the new build homes that are currently being/been built in Bardsley , I have sent emails and been told someone would be in-touch with price-list etc, but no one has been in touch yet. Some of the homes are built and some people have started to move in.

      I was wondering how they are up to this stage when I haven’t heard anything or been given any other opportunity to apply.

      I have placed bids for the rent to buy homes in Bardsley also which I have been checking daily for updates etc.

      Please could someone get in touch with me regarding this by the email given, thanks.

      Kind regards,

    2. I’m in the same boat Kym, showed interest in the homes in sholver last year to and bidded to be told the same not a priority. I’ve been private renting now for 15 years and my 13 year old daughter has lived in 9 houses. Out of the 9 properties only 2 was by our choice, the rest have sold. We have been unable to buy as we cannot afford to save a deposit due to the high rents and costs moving each time. It’s a joke.

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