Aids to clearer hearing? Then Grundy’s offer solutions with a smile

OF our five methods of perception, hearing is the only sense switched on 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

So, it makes common sense to ensure it’s in the best possible working order.

Husband and wife, Stephen and Jean Grundy believe that independently run Grundy’s Hearing Centre ticks all the boxes for treatment, cost and after-care when it comes to treating distressing hearing problems.

Jean and Stephen Grundy (advertisement feature)

The couple established their business on Retiro Street in Oldham Town Centre eight years ago as an alternative solution to NHS treatment and High Street chains.

Stephen is a reputable expert in his field and Jean has a wealth of experience having spent many years in the hearing industry.

Their dream to launch an independent outlet was born from the disillusionment of working for large companies in the private sector.

Jean is renowned among their many clients for her welcoming smile and her kind and caring disposition.

She is a very reassuring first port of call for people suffering from a range of distressing hearing problems.

Free hearing tests and free trials of hearing aids are offered to find what’s right for you.

Stephen is passionate about using and providing the very latest technology in what has become a fast-moving industry.

The latest hearing aids store and analyse sounds while being worn to give Stephen a picture of his clients’ lifestyle.

The hearing aids store information, such as what sort of environment the person is typically in and how much conversation they have, say in a typical month and analyse it to build up an acoustic lifestyle.

He can then look at the information on his computer and it shows him, in graph form, what their needs and requirements are.

He can then use that information to provide the best solution long term.

Grundy’s Hearing Centre has an excellent reputation when it comes to the frustrating issue of ear wax removal and is widely respected among the borough’s medical profession and GPs.

Not only do they perform the procedure at an unbeatable price, but they also strive to offer fast appointment times.

Stephen is also trained in Micro-suction wax removal. This is mainly for people who can not have water in their ear due to perforated ear drum, a diseased ear or have had a mastoid operation in the past.

They would advise anyone who is concerned about which method is best for them to ring the centre to have a chat.

The centre has a hi-resolution digital camera to give a clearer diagnosis when it comes to detecting issues and conditions.

Tinnitus – a permanent ringing or buzzing in the ear – is a condition which affects around 10 per cent of the population and can have an impact on everyday life, causing sleeping difficulties anxiety and depression.

Stephen and Jean know only too well how devastating the problem of tinnitus can be and have helped a number of patients with tinnitus from just being there to talk to, to offering management techniques or specialist hearing aid solutions.

It may just be cause by wax if you are worried please give them a call.

Always thinking ahead the pair will soon be welcoming Jean’s son, Damien Barnes, into the practice.

Damien, 31, has embarked on an audiology degree at Aston University in Birmingham and will eventually be working alongside the pair.

Once qualified Damien will be there full time and this will help them to keep continuity for customers long term.

For a free, comprehensive hearing assessment or just a chat about hearing issues call Grundy’s on 0161 620 6616, go online: or like their Facebook page Grundy’s Hearing Centre.

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