Aisle’s well that ends well as cycle race forces bride to walk to wedding

NOT even an international cycle race stopped bride-to-be Demilee Navesey getting to the church on time.

But the Tour of Britain certainly threw a spanner in the works when it came to the Shaw beauty therapist’s wedding plans.

While road closures and parking restrictions caused minor inconvenience for most, they forced Demilee to re-think how she and her entourage would get from home to East Crompton St James’ Church in plenty of time for a 1.30pm ceremony.

The bride, her mum and dad, two flower girls and four bridesmaids were due to make the short journey from Gordon Street to St James’ in wedding cars.

Unfortunately for the new Mrs Danny Morgan, the main A663 divided the family from the destination a few hundred yards away.

And it was closed to allow hundreds of riders and scores of police and support vehicles to go thundering through on their way to High Crompton and ultimately Manchester City Centre.

So, rather than risk being late for her big day, Demilee decided there was only one solution…to walk.

“When the vicar (David Woodall) first told us, it didn’t seem like it was a big deal. So, I left it for about a week without doing anything.” she said.

“I just thought it was bike race. Then I realised it was a major race on television…

“When we started to look at the route we realised the cars were not going to get through. The church was totally blocked off.

“My mum even phoned the council to see if there was a way they could let us through.

“Basically, they just said we would have to stand and watch the bike race. I am not that interested,” she laughed.

“So, we just decided to walk because there was no point stressing.

“Everyone said you are going to have to get it in your head you have to do because there is no point me being frantic and crying.”

“My partner, Daniel, went from Smokies to get there at 12 otherwise he won’t have been able to make it. And I wanted to be there for about ten past one for pictures and stuff.”

Happily, the only hitches were made to ensure a wedding dress, worn her mum Lisa 25 years earlier, stayed in pristine condition on a fortunately dry September afternoon.

“Hopefully, people looked at me and not at the bikes,” added Demilee before a reception at Oldham St Annes rugby club.

She later posted on social media: “I have had the best day of my life. Everything was perfect. I love you husband.”


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