Another good reason to smile Shaw teacher snaps up national award

A SHAW school teacher is officially the Happiest School Person in the country.

Steve Hill, otherwise known as Mr Smiley to his pupils at St Joseph’s School, was recognised at a glittering ceremony at Media City, Salford.

Steve Hill

Diana Heywood, a friend of the school, nominated him in the category for the National Happiness Awards 2018.

“He is a teacher with a difference,” said Diana.

“He teaches his class of pupils to ‘wear a smile on their face because it uses fewer muscles than frowning’.

“All the children respect Steve at St Joseph’s and they are all very eager to be in his year six class. Under his guidance, they grow in confidence.

“His enthusiasm knows no bounds as he gets them all participating in numerous sports even after school and at weekends.

“He also organises many professional sportspeople to visit and inspire the children.

“Four walls do not restrict his classroom as he arranges visits away from the school building, including parks, museums and RAF bases, to give children a well-rounded education.”

Mr Hill, whose epic charity fund raising adventures have been previously featured in the pages of the Correspondent, said: “I’m thrilled to have won The National Happiness Award for Happiest School Person 2018.

“It’s a lovely award and as a school teacher I think it is so important each day to try and spread a bit of happiness among the children.

“I always try and have a smile on my face throughout the day in class.

“Even when running through the jungles and deserts on my challenges I ensure I always run with a smile.

“It’s great to be able to share this Award with the awesome children at school.

“They were so excited when they heard I’d won the award. They’ve been calling me Mr Happy all week!”

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