Back to school days journalism on careers agenda

THE Correspondent went back to school for an afternoon to offer some sagely advice to youngsters considering their future careers.

Editor Trevor Baxter and reporter Gary Carter were delighted by how many pupils at Crompton House expressed an interest in media opportunities.

The profession may have changed significantly since they started their own journalism careers.

But judging by the number of teenagers who stopped for a chat, it still has a lure as well as mystique about it.

One lad wasn’t convinced and tried to tell us newspapers were finished. But we put that down to bravado in front of his mates and the innocence of youth!

The rest who approached our ‘pitch’ for a chat and to view some of our publications appeared genuinely interested in the opportunities available to them alongside a wide-ranging collection of other advisors.

“We thought we might be sat twiddling our thumbs for a few hours,” said Trevor of the careers event in the main school hall.

“But as soon as students started filtering in, we were approached regularly for nearly two hours and bombarded with questions, which was pleasing and gratifying.

“We have offered youngsters of various levels of experience chance to come into our Uppermill office and see how local newspapers operate.

“After our visit to Crompton House, we wouldn’t be surprised to receive more work experience requests.”

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