Barber Danny hoping for Shore fire TV hit

A SHAW barber is set to appear on a new TV reality makeover show.

Danny with MTV Geordie Shore star Nathan Henry

Danny Robinson recently spent a week at a London studios filming for the programme due to be aired in the coming months.
Geordie Shore star Nathan Henry will front the show, a project involving NBC Universal and Awesomeness TV UK.
The as yet unnamed programme will transform the looks of its participants in a similar fashion to cult BBC show, Snog Marry, Avoid.
And Danny’s hairdressing skills were put to the test to help towards a new, trendy look for the show’s participants.
“The idea is that girlfriends who are not too happy with how their boyfriends or partners look and dress can bring them in for a change of image,” explained Danny.
“There was a top stylist from Asos (online clothing company) to give tips, a girl involved with waxing and make-up and I was there to style and cut hair.

Inside Danny & Co

“It was a front of camera role and I wasn’t stuck in the background,” laughs Danny who owns a salon on Milnrow Road as well as two salons in Saddleworth.
“It was a great experience and I can’t wait to see the final edit.
“I had to sign a confidentiality clause as to which channel will broadcast the show just in case someone else takes the idea.”
Danny was stunned when the call to appear came through and it’s given back friendly bragging rights in the business after employee, Kilian Maddison won a UK Barber of the Year crown last December.
“I have built up a strong following on social media and got a private message through my Instagram account from a casting company,” he explained.
“They said they liked what I was doing and would I be interested in coming down to London to appear on the programme. They didn’t need to ask me twice.”

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