Beth creates kindness cards to bring a smile to people’s faces

KINDNESS has been brought to the doorstep of Royton by a big-hearted teenager who is sending Kindness Cards around the world.

Beth Graham came up with the idea after feeling left out herself.

Now she has made and sent out literally hundreds of cards to addresses all over the country and even in America.

She has also received backing from reality TV star Christine McGuinness after sending some to her three children as they contend with autism.

Now she is branching out by producing packages for people as part of The Kindness Cards Project and the reason behind the scheme is simple – she just wanted to put a smile on people’s faces.

“I just had the idea of doing cards and something clicked,” said the 17-year-old, who has autism.

“I wanted to do something nice for other people who may be going through similar things that I used to go through.

“I just want to make them smile because I understand how difficult things can be sometimes.

“I came up with the idea in August and I’ve already sent more than 300. Now I’m doing the packages, I have a room full of stuff.

“I make all the cards and the packages myself and they’re all individual to the person that orders them. They may like certain things or not like others.

“It can have soft toys or sensory things for children with additional needs. Likewise, for adults it can have hand creams and things like that, other beauty products.”

What is more remarkable about project is that Beth, who lives close to the Royal Oldham Hospital, makes no money at all from them.

All donations made through her Facebook and Instagram pages go towards materials for cards and packages and the only cost is for postage.

And their impact is being felt across the world and among the Real Housewives of Cheshire.

“So far, I’ve had more than 500 likes on Facebook and 400 on Instagram,” Beth added. “And it has been recognised by Christine McGuinness.

“I sent a package to her because her three children have autism and she noted it. As a result, more people have liked what I do and asked for packages.

“Also, I’ve sent three cards out to people in America after they contacted me.

“I’m currently at Hollinwood Academy still studying for my GCSEs as I was two years behind educationally because of my autism and maybe a lack of support at my old mainstream school.

“But moving has been a really positive change for me and if I had something like this a few years ago, it would’ve made me smile.”

• Order cards or packages by contacting Beth at or on Instagram. Donations can be made at:

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