Booked up! Royton pupils help break down education barriers

Kind-hearted Royton school children are sending more than 2,000 books to help improve the lives of less fortunate youngsters in Africa.

Pupils from St Aidan and Oswald RC Primary were inspired to help after learning of the work undertaken by the No Barriers Foundation.

Parishioners at St Aidan’s Church also took part in the enterprise to swell the final total of books destined for Africa.

The youngsters’ efforts also coincided with a new library at the Roman Road site opened earlier this month by children’s author, Damian Harvey.

No Barriers was founded by Manchester teacher Kieran Roberts following a visit to Tanzania in 2014, where he discovered about a lack of schools and resources in the east African country.

Mum-of-two Lucy Hannan, a member of St Aidan’s parent teacher association, told the Correspondent: “With the opening of the new library and investment in a new reading scheme we thought it would be amazing to send our old books abroad to those less fortunate.

“Each classroom had had a box for children to donate new and used children’s books suitable for ages four to seven.

“Children also designed their own bookmarks and wrote stories to include in a book to send out as well.

“No Barriers Foundation will update the school and share stories as to where the books end up once they have been counted, collected and shipped off.

“No Barriers Foundation is a great charity, raising money to build schools and hire teachers abroad for those less fortunate who deserve an education.

“Their aim is to help children to read to improve their lives and help them out of poverty. More than 250 children worldwide cannot read.

”Teachers, school councillors and the ‘green ambassadors’ have been further promoting this great cause and involve everyone to spread the word of No Barriers in Royton.”

Author Damian Harvey, who lives in North Wales with wife Vicky, has written more than 80 children’s books and has visited hundreds of schools and libraries and abroad to share his love of reading and writing.

Headteacher Damian Harrison said: “Reading is a huge focus for us at the moment.

“We have been so excited about all the new books and the new library.

“It’s wonderful to tie this in with the chance to help others at the same time, particularly those who live in countries where they don’t have everything that we do.

“The children can’t wait to discover how the children receiving our books will feel.

“We know that they will be really excited and that this will help them to discover the magic of reading too. And we will be able to keep in touch with them too.”

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