Bridge of sighs car share lifts forced to seek new meeting place

A POPULAR unofficial park and ride location close to the summit of England’s highest motorway has been ruled off limits by highways bosses.


For years, drivers have parked under a bridge carrying the M62 over junction 22.

Both sides of the A672 linking Saddleworth with Calderdale were used as lay-bys for travellers waiting for car share lifts in both directions.

Now, for most, that practice has ended. Initially, traffic cones and tape were put out to prevent vehicles using the uneven, litter-strewn waste ground adjoining the main carriageway.

Now, a row of posts have been erected to make parking impossible, though some cars are still being left on grass verges.

After an investigation by the Correspondent a spokesperson for Highways England confirmed:

“Bollards have been installed under the M62 at junction 22 to protect the bridge by preventing vehicles from parking under the structure.”

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