Calls for new Town Crier as Andrew picks up bell again

FORMER Town crier Andrew Powell is coming out of retirement as the search goes on to find his successor.

Shaw and Crompton Parish Council chair, David Bibby, hands momento to Andrew Powell for his service of Town Crier

He will be in good voice for forthcoming back-to-back engagements after picking up his bell and regalia once more.

To mark 30 years in the post a presentation was made to Andrew at the June meeting of Shaw and Crompton Parish Council.

But he was immediately asked back to carry out new duties at the Family Fun Weekend on June 16-17 followed by the annual civic service on Sunday June 24 at 2pm at East Crompton St James Church, Shaw.

However, the Council remains keen to find a new town crier, with Andrew offering to help explain the duties to his successor.

“The offer is still there,” he said after accepting his gift from Parish Council chair, Cllr David Bibby.
“If I am wanted then I will quite happily stand.

“But I think it would be easier to recruit someone with a person in post.

“The fun bit is getting up there and giving a cry people appreciate.

“There is no right or wrong way of doing it. It would suit you lot perfectly,” he joked with parish councillors.

“It has been really good fun and a real pleasure. And I wish you well in your recruitment.”

Andrew, who lives in Shaw, undertook hundreds of duties during nearly 30 years of service and was inducted into the Loyal Company of Town Criers.

Cllr Shaun Duffy said: “I think this is quite a specialised role and Andrew’s shoes are going to be big ones to fill because he has a huge personality.”

Town Clerk Tony Hilton added: “Andrew has kindly given us some details of what he believes the job entails.

“I don’t think it included someone having a big mouth,” he laughed. “It is more to do with personality and individuality.”

Anyone interested is asked to write to Parish Council clerk Tony Hilton at: 1 Kershaw Street East, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 8AB or by email to:

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