Costa bravo! Car rally raises more than £2,000 for cancer charity

DRIVING from Dover to Spain is a feat in itself but even more challenging when your car is 19 years old and has nearly 250,000 miles on the clock.

But mechanic Dave Allott was better placed than most to ensure his £100 Volvo completed the annual five-day Benidorm or Bust rally practically in one piece.

In doing so Dave, wife Deborah, son Andrew and Andrew’s girlfriend, Victoria, raised £2,720 for Cancer and Leukaemia In Childhood (CLIC) Sargent.

“I’ve done the Manchester to Blackpool cycle ride a few times and raised about £500-£600 each go,” said Dave who works at Woodend MOT in Lees.

“This time I wanted to up the ante because it is a charity doing some great work. So, when I heard about Benidorm or Bust I thought it would be ideal.

“The price of the car was originally £250 but the chap let me have it for £100 when he heard what we were doing.

“And when we reached Benidorm there is guy down there who buys all the cars for scrap. So, we got another 350 euro that went into the final total raised.”

The 1,400-mile journey through France, Andorra and the east coast of Spain took them five days. Mainly without mishaps.

“It was about 26-27 degrees driving through France but when we got Andorra it was minus three and snowing,” added Dave.

“So, when people found out I was a mechanic they were asking me to help keep their cars going.

“Apart from a snapped back spring which meant there was a bit of lean for 350 miles we made it one piece.”

Next year’s rally takes place between May 19-23. For more details go online:

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