Court case does not have Perfect outcome for Ed Sheeran double

LOOKALIKE supermarket worker Wes Byrne was left short-changed when he swopped Asda’s fruit and veg aisle in Shaw for a famous daytime court room.

The Ed Sheeran doppelganger appeared before ITV law man Judge Rinder to claim back a debt from his brother-in-law Adam.

The one-time Strictly Come Dancing star described former Crompton House pupil Wes as “the best look-alikey I have ever seen”.

But he dismissed the case after confusion over the amount of money owed to Wes, who is godfather to AJ, the toddler son of sister Sammy Jo and Adam.

Adam claimed he paid back £280 of £1,000 to help the couple move into a new rental property.

Wes, who has worked at Asda for nearly 10 years and was accompanied to court by mum Tina, insisted the debt was £720.

In the programme, broadcast earlier this month, Tina told Judge Rinder: “I think he took full advantage of Wes’ good nature.

“He knew Wesley was a soft touch, that’s why I wasn’t involved in this transaction.

“Something should have been put in place in writing to say how much he (Adam) would pay back. That’s what I would have done.”

In his defence, Adam replied: “I didn’t take advantage at all. Wes is an adult and he is perfectly capable of making his own decisions and standing on his own two feet.

“I didn’t approach Tina for the money because I knew she would have told me where to go.

“At the time I had the utmost best intentions to pay it back. Life goes on and I know it sounds bad but when you are hit with other problems and other financial circumstances, family being family should give you that bit of leeway.”

Asked by Judge Rinder if he was sure about the amount loaned, Wes replied: “I only work part time. There is no way I could have given him £1,000.”

Delivering his verdict the 40-year-old former University of Manchester student said: “Adam says he borrowed £1,000.

“If you (Wes) could prove that then I would have been satisfied he had been part paying back on a loan. And I suspect I would have awarded you the full sum of £720.

“Because you are adamant only £720 was lent then there is nothing in writing what the terms were, when it was to be paid back, why or by whom and what for.

“So, I can’t enforce that situation and reluctantly I have to dismiss this case.

“I say reluctantly because he admits borrowing the money and because you are a thoroughly decent young person.”

Judge Rinder, however, did offer advice how to settle the family dispute.

“I will be watching,” he said. “And you are not difficult to follow. I will just follow the train of people looking for Ed Sheeran.

“Draft a document together that sets out he (Adam) owes you £720.

“You draft a payment plan – mum you can oversee it – he signs it and you sign it. Understand?

“Go away and do that and if you are decent I won’t hear from you ever again. It requires you to be decent.

“Do you agree to be decent?” he asked.

“I am a decent person,” said Adam.

Outside ‘court’ Wes sighed: “If I ever need to lend anyone money again I am going to do I more legitimately and have it all down in writing.”

Wes first found himself in the spotlight earlier this year because of his uncanny resemblance to fellow red-head singer Sheeran.

He made a number of public appearances including on the This Morning sofa alongside new I’m a Celebrity host Holly Willoughby, and Oldham-born Phillip Schofield.

Asked by Judge Rinder to name his favourite Sheeran song, Wes replied: “You need me, I don’t need you.”

To which the response was” “Well, actually you are in court, you do.”

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