David Harris steps up as men’s captain

SUCCESSFUL local businessman David Harris is the new men’s captain at Crompton and Royton Golf Club.
The 61-year-old, who lives a three-minute walk from the course, has his own company Target Fire Protection.

David Harris

After being made redundant 20 years ago when Kidde was bought out by Chubb, David set up his own business.
Today the Rochdale-based company employs 13 and has received many accolades.
In 2016 at the Rochdale Business Awards they were the winners of the prize for the company with a turnover of up to £1million.
Father-of-four David explained: “We have grown every year and are on track to do so again and move into the £1million to £5million section.
“My two sons Richard and Kevin are in the business with me. They effectively run it which gives me more time to play golf.”
David only took up golf in his forties, and then only play and play at local courses.
He eventually joined Crompton and Royton and, after a break of a couple of years, rejoined nine years ago.
David plays off 16 – he has been as low as 14 – but never won any major.
“I was in a play off for the Final Day Major, but that is as close as I have been,” he explained.
David, whose dream in to achieve a single-figure handicap, is also a former captain of the Business Golf Society that is for North West companies.
David will have two charities, the nearby Dr Kershaw’s Hospice and MIND.
“They were last year’s two charities, and I have decided to continue with them,” he said.
David’s main objective this year is to improve the golf course, something that has been difficult owing to the bad weather of recent summers.
He said: “These are difficult times for golf clubs, but many are doing far worse than ourselves.
“It is all about the product and we have to sell the course. It has been a battle to get the course right, but we got there last year.
“I have certain things in mind as we have to make ours stand out from the rest.”

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