Dog owners urged to scoop the poop in ‘Tail of True Love’

CLEANING up dog poo was not just for Valentine’s Day, it’s for life – and animal lovers are asked to play their part.

Chris and Hazel Gloster with dog

The Dog’s Trust launched its annual ‘A Tail of True Love’ campaign on February 14 to encourage dog owners who love their pets to clean up.

And it is a message supported by local councillors.

Clr Chris Gloster, who has received regular complaints about dog fouling, said: “It is both an eye-sore and a health hazard.

“Most dog owners are very responsible, and clean up after their pets but unfortunately a few do not.”

With his Liberal Democrat ward colleagues, Cllr Gloster has been active in working to place more signs about dog fouling around Shaw.

He added: “The aims of this campaign are quite simple – to encourage the many responsible dog owners to continue what they are doing and to make the irresponsible minority think again about their behaviour.

“Not only is it anti-social but it is also criminal attracting a fine of up to £1,000.

“All dog owners should take out bags to collect poop and they should dispose of it safely in a public litter bin or take it home.

“Otherwise the consequences could include a child being blinded by Toxocariasis after coming into contact with uncollected dog poo.”

Cllr Gloster was speaking at Dunwood Park, where local ward councillors and the council’s district team have been working with parks department staff, the Friends of Dunwood Park and the community to raise public awareness of the importance of owners cleaning up after their dog.

This has included children at local schools designing innovative posters to bring the message home.

At the council meeting in March to discuss the 2019/20 budget, the Liberal Democrats are proposing an amendment which includes a commitment to create a new Environment Task Force charged with tackling, among other things, dog waste.

Cllr Gloster added: “I really hope that councillors from all parties will back this proposal.

“Such an Environment Task Force will have an extra £500,000 with which to tackle fly-tipping and dog fouling.

“This will come through enforcement, new innovative public education campaigns, and the use of new technology, such as Poovers, which hoover up dog mess, and a real-time online tracking application to enable the public to report fly tipping, dog fouling and offenders.”

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