Don’t be scared of using defibrillators urges life-saving doctor

LIFE-SAVING doctor Laura Coleman urges members of the public not to be scared of using defibrillators.

Laura is one of two medical practitioners who came to the rescue of stricken Milnrow cyclist, Gordon Brown.

Gordon suffered a heart attack and stopped breathing outside the Junction Inn at Denshaw on Tuesday, August 14.

A week later the 59-year-old successfully underwent a triple heart bypass operation at Wythenshawe Hospital.

Laura and another doctor, as yet untraced, contacted our sister paper, the Saddleworth Independent, after reading of an appeal by Gordon’s family for the two ‘angels’ to come forward.

Their skill and quick-thinking brought Gordon back to life after he had stopped breathing. A week after surgery he was released from hospital.

Laura, who works in intensive care and anaesthetics across the North West, was walking her dog with her husband when they saw the drama unfolding outside the Junction.

“We could see someone was performing chest compressions, so I ran over immediately,” explained Laura.

“We introduced ourselves so each other knew what we were doing.

“I asked for the AED (Automated External Defibrillators) which quickly arrived.

“And as soon as he had one shock his heart started functioning it by itself and Gordon started breathing.

“I have no doubt in my mind that early defibrillation probably saved him.

“The coverage is great for the knowledge of the AED device in the village.

“I heard someone say ‘we mustn’t use it if we don’t know what we are doing’.

“But it’s okay and I thought afterwards ‘you can use them because that’s the whole point of them’.
“They are very easy to use and you are talked through what to do.”

Laura has now joined the search for the other doctor, wearing a scrubs top, who she believes was on her way home from an A and E shift.

“Unfortunately, I didn’t get her name but I will try our social media group to get in touch. But I am just happy Gordon appears to be making a great recovery.”

A family member confirmed: “I’m delighted to tell you that Gordon was discharged home and sounds to be doing really well.

“From what Gordon says, the doctors were reluctant to discharge him so soon after his surgery, but he was desperate to get back home.

“I imagine he’s going to feel frustrated now about the temporary limitations placed upon him.

“But let’s hope he takes on board the doctor’s orders and doesn’t overdo things.”

Gordon is still keen to trace his other life saver. I would really love to meet her,” he told the Correspondent.

“I don’t remember much about what happened. I was out of it completely but I am incredibly happy as you can imagine.

“Without her, I doubt I would be here now.”

Junction landlord Barry Evans rang 999 after Gordon’s collapse while wife and landlady Christina raced across Ripponden Road to fetch the defibrillator from the Village Hall.

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