Ed Sheeran look-a-like strikes a chord with Asda shoppers

ASDA shelfstacker Wesley Byrne is laid back about his new found fame as an Ed Sheeran double.

Ed Sheeran look-a-like Wesley Byrne

But with offers from several look-a-like agencies to consider, it might not be too long before life for the former Crompton House School pupil changes significantly.

Photos of the 25-year-old from Shaw have been everywhere recently since being outed as a doppelganger for Grammy award winning artist Sheeran.

He has appeared on the This Morning sofa alongside Holly Willoughby and another Oldham lad, Philip Schofield.

Schofield described Wes’s likeness to Halifax born ‘Castle on the Hill’ singer Sheeran as “uncanny”.

And his appearance continues to confuse onlookers and shoppers in the town centre superstore.

“It started very much from when Ed released his first album a few years ago,” Wes told the Shaw and Crompton Correspondent in an exclusive interview.

“That’s when he started getting popular. And soon people started gawping at me at work.

“To be honest I don’t find it off-putting. I don’t like or dislike it. It just happens.

“Going on This Morning was fun. The best bit was messing with people on Westminster Bridge. They really thought I was him.

Wesley dressed as Ed Sheeran at a Comic Con event last year

“Everyone was filming me and taking pictures. To be honest I am not really bothered. It doesn’t really get to me.”

Wes, who has worked at Asda for nearly a decade, only had local ‘fame’ to contend with until recently.

Then a photographer friend of his sister asked if he could take some pictures.

“I didn’t think anything would come of it but apparently it has,” he laughed.

“Everyone at work have been positive and supportive. They think I am going to get somewhere from it. I won’t but they think I will.”

However, Wes admits there have been calls about cashing in on his new-found fame from agencies with look-a-likes on their books.

“I have had a couple of offers which I am still thinking about,” he said. “But so far so good.”

And there’s plenty of opportunity to increase his profile.

“I am slowly teaching myself how to play guitar,” he reveals. “But it is very slow progress.”

Wes is also going to see Ed play at the Etihad Stadium in May with much more chance of recognition.

So hopefully backstage staff are on their mettle otherwise the crowd might be listening to a lad from Shaw who can barely play a chord!

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