Empty patch – town centre shop closes after repeat break-ins

A SHAW trader has closed her shop and says other businesses are at risk because of burglaries and attempted break-ins.

The Flower Patch on Rochdale Road had its last day of trading on Saturday, September 1 before Jane Kay pulled down the shutters for the final time.

The Flower Patch in Shaw has sadly closed its doors due to repeat break ins

“I’ve got mixed emotions,” said Jane. “I am sad because I’m closing but in another there’s relief I won’t have the upset anymore.

“There have been four or five incidents of damage while I have been here. Sadly, Shaw is going downhill.”

Jane, who says she now hopes to go travelling, posted her frustration on social media during the summer.

“I don’t normally rant,” she wrote. “But I am sick to death of the idiots that keep trying to break into my flower shop.

“I do not leave any money on the premises so why they would try to get into a flower shop I don’t know.

“The businesses in Shaw are struggling without added incidents like this.”

K9 Grooming Solutions owner, Andi Jackson, also took to social media recently to appeal for help after her business at Market Place, Shaw, was targeted by intruders, who left empty handed.

Andi wrote: “It’s just a big inconvenience to me and expense getting three doors fixed and the shutters.

“CCTV is being looked at and hopefully we have them on that.”

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