Everton move off the cards for Callum?

By Gary Carter

CALLUM Lang has news his family does not want to hear or believe – he has heard nothing from Everton.

The self-confessed Toffees fan was plagued by relatives in the summer after he was linked with a switch from Wigan to Goodison Park.

Callum Lang speaking to press

Every time he told them he was not in talks, they wanted to believe he was, even now his granddad thinks he is heading to Marco Silva’s side.

Instead, he is at League Two Oldham on loan and is using the speculation as an inspiration rather than a distraction.

The 20-year-old said: “I get my granddad ringing me every two minutes after training, asking, ‘Have you heard any more?’

“The answer’s always, ‘No,’ because I haven’t heard anything!

“They all got a bit excited, though, and I don’t think he believes me, but he needs to and they were all at it over the summer.

“It’s a big complement and when you see something like that, it gives you a bit of confidence. I try not to think about it too much, though.

“Everyone has an aim in football, mine is to get to as high a level as I can and this opportunity at Oldham is brilliant for me.

“Over the summer it was just rumours. It could be a distraction to people but I don’t let it be one and I haven’t spoken to anyone from Everton.”

One thing Lang would not have to worry about if he was at Everton is having to fund a round of coffees.

With every team challenge, a few brews are on the line and team-mates Sam Surridge and Rob Hunt claim they are owed.

But Lang countered as they prepare to face Colchester: “They just make it up as they go along.

“I got them one last time, now they’re trying to say it’s me again – that’s where all my money’s gone recently, on coffees.

“Some of them start ducking when they owe a coffee. George Edmundson will be around when it’s my turn to pay but it’s never his turn to pay. I just get a small one, everyone else gets a large one!”

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