First-timer and long-standing councillor both ‘delighted’ to be elected to represent Royton North and South

A FIRST-TIME councillor and a long-standing representative came out top of the polls at the local elections in Royton North and Royton South.

Conservative Dave Arnott won in Royton North by just 91 votes and said he is ‘proud’ to be chosen to take a seat on Oldham Council for the first time.

Meanwhile in Royton South, councillor Amanda Chadderton was ‘delighted’ to hold onto her seat nine years for Labour.

The results were announced after a ten-hour overnight count at Oldham Leisure Centre, with the occasion taking longer than usual with Covid restrictions in place.

Cllr Arnott received 1,213 votes to narrowly beat Mick Harwood (Lab), who received 1,122 votes.

ELECTED: Dave Arnott

The seat was previously vacant due to the disqualification of Cllr James Larkin (Lab) for failure to attend meetings for a period of six months.

Cllr Arnott said: “I am delighted and proud to have been elected to represent the people of Royton North, and I am looking forward to the challenges ahead.

“This is the first time that I have been elected as a councillor. My decision to stand for office was driven by my desire to improve the quality of life for residents, protect our green spaces, secure, and improve public services and reduce crime and antisocial behaviour.

“The election result was very close indeed, with just 91 votes separating myself and the Labour Party candidate. I would like to thank the other candidates, who all ran strong and fair campaigns, particularly Mick Harwood who worked so hard.

“My thanks go to everyone who voted for me and I am very aware these votes are simply ‘lent’ and not given. I am in no doubt that I will have to work very hard to live up to your expectations and repay your trust.

“My immediate priority is to continue to oppose any development on our greenbelt. The situation is fluid, as we wait to see what the next round of negotiations on the Places for Everyone plan brings.

“Moving forward, I will work to deliver on our key objectives to fix potholes and repair our roads, fight crime and antisocial behaviour, address fly tipping and dog fouling, secure investment in our schools and surgeries and to reduce the number of councillors on OMBC to save nearly £1m.

“The Council spends for too much time, effort, and importantly, YOUR money, on projects in Oldham Town Centre while seeming to ignore the needs and wishes of residents in places like Royton. I will campaign to see some ‘levelling up’ and make sure Royton gets its fair share.”

Royton North

  • Dave Arnott (Con): 1,213 – elected
  • Paul Goldring (Proud of Oldham and Saddleworth): 295
  • Russ Gosling (Lib Dem): 130
  • Mick Harwood (Lab): 1,122
  • Colin Jones (Reform UK): 57

In Royton South, Cllr Chadderton kept her seat after polling top with 1,109 votes, ahead of Ian Bond (con) who received 994 votes.

ELECTED: Amanda Chadderton

She said: “I am delighted to have been re-elected as a Labour Party Councillor for Royton South. Thank you to everyone that voted for me.

“It is difficult to see a number of hard-working councillors lose their seats and for us to be unsuccessful in Royton North.

“We need to work harder collectively to ensure we are reflecting what people are telling us on the doorstep.

“I campaigned on promises to support residents and business after the difficulties of the past year, to improve the centre of Royton and our public transport and to prioritise our green spaces.

“I love representing Royton and do not take it for granted, the work begins now to fulfil my election promises and continue making Royton the best place to live, work and socialise.”

Royton South

  • Ken Berry (Lib Dem): 121
  • Ian Bond (Con): 994
  • Amanda Chadderton (Lab): 1,109 – elected
  • Anne Fiander Taylor (Northern Heart (UK) Oldham): 147
  • Anthony Prince (UKIP): 101
  • Jim Stidworthy (Green): 196

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