Friends of Crompton Moor need you!

Friends of Crompton Moor invite you to join their next project to protect and maintain a beautiful space.

The task will be to remove birch saplings, from within the heather, in the Brushes Clough spoil heap area.

Friends of Crompton Moor invite you to join them

The spoil heaps, and quarry area, are an important habitat known as lowland heath, which forms an open landscape.

It’s characterised by the presence of dwarf-shrubs of heather, bilberry, and various mosses and lichens.

It’s a priority for nature conservation, because it is an internationally rare and threatened habitat.

Heathland was originally a man-made habitat, created through the grazing of animals; regular cutting of birch for fuel, and bracken for animal bedding.

Historically, these activities maintained the open nature of heathlands, and prevented them from developing into woodland.

Without management, the trees will eventually return, and the heathland will be lost.

The range of conditions associated with lowland heath supports an extraordinarily rich variety of wildlife; one of which includes a staggering 5,000 species of invertebrates, making it an important habitat for a variety of birds.

The number of birch saplings needs to be reduced to allow the dwarf-shrubs of heather, bilberry, mosses and lichen to survive.

This is also an opportunity to have a go with a ‘Tree Popper’; a great tool which lifts the trees out of the ground with little disturbance to the vegetation around it.

This really does make it much easier to remove the trees. Easy to use and no digging necessary!


You are advised to wear clothing to suit the weather conditions, and sturdy boots for the uneven ground.

For further information please contact:

Marian Herod – Secretary, Friends of Crompton Moor
Tel: 07792 156295, Email:

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