Georgia on your mind! Now is time for neighbourhood policing team ‘newbie’ officer

MY NAME is PC Georgia Mansfield and I am one of the newest members of the Royton, Shaw and Crompton neighbourhood policing team, specifically covering Crompton.

I joined the team just over 12 months ago and thought it would be a good opportunity to use this month’s article to introduce myself, explain my route into policing and the role I play on the team.

I joined the police back in July 2018 as a ‘Police Now’ officer. This means my journey into the police differs slightly to the usual route and the criteria for applying is also slightly different.

To apply for the ‘Police Now’ national graduate leadership programme you are required to have a degree in any field prior to applying.

The recruitment process and assessments are completed in London opposed to the force where you are applying.

The ‘Police Now’ programme aims to help to create safer communities, work proactively to tackle long term problems and improve quality of life for people living in the communities where police now officers are serving.

‘Police Now’s’ mission is to transform communities by recruiting, developing, and inspiring leaders in policing.

‘Police Now’ works with over 30 forces throughout England and Wales to find and train police officers passionate about their work.

The programme lasts for two years and during that period officers will come together every 100 days to present to colleagues and guests on projects they have been working on in their communities over that period.

After successfully completing the lengthy recruitment process I attended the ‘Police Now’ Summer Academy in London.

This consisted of a six-week training programme covering legislation, practical scenario based training and our officer safety training to mention just a few elements.

Once the Summer Academy was completed all ‘Police Now’ officers headed out to their respective forces and neighbourhoods.

In the same way all officers join their policing teams, I spent 10 weeks in company with a tutor constable here in Oldham.

I joined the Royton, Shaw and Crompton team in December 2018.

As well as being the local officer for Crompton, I am also a campus based officer for Royton & Crompton Academy.

This means I work closely with the pastoral, safeguarding and senior leadership teams within the school to offer support, advice and education for the pupils.

My role is by no means limited to tackling bad behaviour. I aim to be a familiar face within the school grounds but also out in the community where the pupils live and spend their free time.

In turn, I hope my work in the school will have a positive, knock-on effect for the members of the communities where these young people live.

I have made great relationships with both the staff and the pupils at the school and will continue to do so while I am there.

One highlight of the work we are doing with the pupils includes the Actions Have Consequences sessions that were mentioned in last month’s column.

Staff and pupils thoroughly enjoyed the sessions and benefitted greatly from them.

As mentioned, previously, the sessions cover some very hard hitting topics that are prevalent at the moment. The sessions also gave the pupils the information they will need should they wish to report crime or seek help should they need it.

I would like to thank you for reading this little insight into my journey and how I came to be a part of the Royton, Shaw and Crompton team.

Do come and have a chat and feel free to ask me any questions you may have if you see me out and about.

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  1. Hello PC Mansfield, I am a resident of Shaw. Do you know if there’s an officer like yourself that is campus based at Crompton house school? Thank you.

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