Give me shelter? No, say Transport bosses

A CAMPAIGN to provide a passenger shelters at bus stops in Shaw has ended in defeat.


Cllr Howard Sykes

Approaches had been made by Councillor Howard Sykes to Transport for Greater Manchester for the provision of shelters on Eastway.

But after delays in replying, TfGM’s Route Development Officer Clair Leemin, has refused to give the potential scheme the green light.

She told Cllr Sykes: “When considering whether a site is suitable for a shelter we need to ensure the footway width is wide enough to accommodate a shelter and also maintain enough room for pedestrians. The minimum recommended width is 2.2m.

“The footway width (for stop outside Asda) is 1.77m wide, therefore the footway is not wide enough to accommodate a shelter.

“With regards to the stop sited at the gable end of property number 2/2a Eastway opposite Asda – this stop was installed due to Market Street being closed one day a week – Thursday – to accommodate Shaw Market.

“Since the installation of the stop TfGM have received a number of requests from the resident of 2a Eastway for the stop to be relocated due to lack of privacy, noise and vibration and passengers blocking access to the shop whilst waiting for the bus.

“I have visited the site with representatives from Unity Partnership and GM Police and we are unable to find an alternative location for the stop.

“With regards to the shelter request, due to the presence of a vehicular access/garage adjacent to the stop, this would result in the passenger shelter having to be positioned at the kerb edge in front of the shop window/doorway.

“It was concluded that the shelter and waiting passengers would obstruct sight lines for motorists egressing from the adjacent service road and that the proposed shelter would undoubtedly receive objections from the resident.

“Therefore, the site was deemed unsuitable for a shelter.”

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