Green light granted to 77-home Hebron Street development despite highways concerns

A 77-home development in Royton has been given the green light by Oldham Council planning committee at the third time of asking.

The application for the homes at Hebron Street was narrowly passed by four votes to three after a thorough debate by councillors over highways concerns around the site.

Four reasons for refusal were cited when the application was first presented in March, including loss of Other Protected Open Land (OPOL), poor design and size of properties and traffic congestion and obstruction.

Revised plans came before the planning committee for a second time in August but a decision was deferred so further questions could be answered.

Developers addressed concerns over construction traffic accessing the site and officers revised the highways plans to gain approval at the September meeting.

Officers explained alternative access via Bullcote Lane was deemed unsuitable for the development as it is not wide enough and there is no footpath.

Instead, highways improvements will be made at Hebron Street with the junction at Oldham Road, including a pedestrian island and a new scheme of signage.

Approval was subject to conditions including the applicant providing £15,000 towards works at the entrance to the site, and conditions around construction access and traffic.

Sean Hannaby, the council’s interim head of planning, told the planning committee: “We have taken this very seriously and it has been looked at again.

“It is narrow at the Hebron Street junction. There is no room to get a right turning lane in even if we wanted to.

“The pedestrian refuge will enable pedestrians to cross more safely than they can at the moment.

“Cars coming around the corner will see the pedestrian island and it will encourage them to slow down. Yes, there will be some queuing but that’s what happens at junctions.

“We cannot support an objection on highway safety. There is no possibility of any further improvements.”

However, Cllr Hazel Gloster was not convinced by the proposals and moved the application for refusal, which was not seconded.

She said: “I know a girl that died there when she ran into a tree. I travel along that road a lot and I think it is one of the biggest blackspots in the borough.

“I do not think highways have put in enough provisions to protect children walking to school, other pedestrians and cars.

“That road could be widened. I know it would be costly but is the cost of just one person’s life not worth that?

“We’re talking about 77 houses which is a minimum of 144 people coming into that development without appropriate access.”

Cllr John Hudson added: “Officers have listened to our concerns but I am not sure they have found the right answers.

“There is no way you are going to slow down cars as they will go shooting past anyway as they do every day.”

But Cllr Shoab Akhtar concluded: “I do have concerns about the highways improvements but I think the development outweighs those concerns and I recommend approval.”

8 Replies to “Green light granted to 77-home Hebron Street development despite highways concerns”

  1. I can’t imagine what life will be like for the present residents when the construction traffic appears. The noise, pollution, vibration,removal of enjoyment of property, the additional traffic. What hours will the traffic be allowed through this narrow street? Bullcote Lane is definitely not an alternative access route and neither is Bullcote Green.

    1. What about the extra burden on school places for more residents when schools are already crammed or doctors surgery are full are they doing proposals to build extra of these.?

      It’s already congested at peak times along higginshaw lane and Shaw road yet building more houses will just add more cars and more congestion when your supposed to be thinking of cleaner air zones for the future not adding to the problem.

  2. Regarding the additional residents and vehicles using Hebron Street to access the 77 new homes there is no mention of the amount of new residents and vehicles at the old chapel redevelopment at the end of Hebron Street,

  3. Absolute disgrace allowing this. I have lived in heyside all my life and the main road has always been busy and over the years has got busier than ever. This road cannot cope with all the traffic already on it. For every house built there will be a minimum of two cars hoping to join the main road. Obviously councillor Actar isn’t concerned at all it will just be more revenue for the council at the cost of residents on Hebron street. Disgusted with this decision. The people of Heyside should make the decision as to whether houses should be built NOT the council.

  4. This is an absolute joke. The people making these decisions have obviously never stepped foot on Hebron Street!
    Congestion is already a problem with the current residents, what on earth is it going to be like when construction vehicles and eventually the occupants of the new builds are constantly going up and down. The street is narrow and only one car can pass at a time (when the cars are parked up). Children are going to be in danger! Money money money. That’s all they want. Who ever made this decision should be ashamed of themselves!
    Some residents have lived there for decades and are now retired and or nearing retirement so may not be able to move away if this becomes the disaster that we know it will be.

  5. I rented the Church hall for many year, Is Hebron st going to be the only entry and exit for these houses?
    When as the council come to see for themselves. Never.
    I have seen Hebron st block due to parked cars. Can you imagine a builders wagon heading to the main road with a car coming up the opposite way, the only way the car can go is to reverse on to a main road.
    People of Heyside come together. I don’t live in Heyside anymore but my heart goes out to you.
    Ps what the hell is a pedestrian roundabout.

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