Himalayan Balsam bashing- Can you help?

Volunteers are invited to help halt the progress of Himalayan balsam, an invasive plant on Crompton Moor, and in Crompton Hall.

The pink-flowered non-native species smothers riverside/stream habitats; harms native plants, and leaves banks bare and subject to erosion when it dies down.

It has to be pulled up or ‘bashed’ before seed pods explode and spread.

Himalayan balsam was introduced to the UK for ornamental gardens but spread into
the wild.

If you can spare a couple of hours to help, there will be a meeting point in Brushes Clough car park on Crompton Moor at 10:30am on Saturday July 14.

For further information please contact: Marian Herod, Secretary, Friends of Crompton Moor
marian.herod@btinternet.com Tel: 07792 156295

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