Hong Kong youngsters enjoy Crompton Moor tour as part of their environmental studies

A PARTY of 40 students from Hong Kong has been among numerous summer visitors and sightseers to Crompton Moor.

The enthusiastic youngsters had been visiting Manchester and were keen to discover more about the countryside and environment.

Visitors from Hong Kong

So, as guests of City of Trees, they were welcomed by Friends of Crompton Moor (FCM) volunteers Marian Herod and Bob Kenworthy.

City of Trees has been working with FCM and Oldham Council for more than a year and have helped plant more than 3,000 trees together.

However, City of Trees does not stop at just planting trees. It is a movement with a mission to re-invigorate Greater Manchester’s green landscape and want to help people to connect with nature.

Its goal is to re-invigorate Greater Manchester’s landscape by transforming underused, unloved woodland and planting a tree for every man, woman and child who lives there, within a generation.

Marian said: “As part of their mission to connect people with nature, they asked myself and Bob Kenworthy to assist them by taking the students on a tour of the moor and to tell them about its history and the work we are doing to protect and conserve it.

“The weather was ideal; the students enthusiastic to learn and it was a very enjoyable few hours in good company.”

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