Large fire on Crompton Moor believed to be arson

GREATER Manchester Fire and Rescue Service (GMFRS) was called out to a large fire, believed to be arson, on Crompton Moor over the weekend (Saturday March 30)

Concerned residents took to social media to express their distress at seeing flames in the area following a spate of deliberate attacks across moorland in neighbouring Saddleworth.

GMFRS was first called to the fire, which measured around 400 square metres, at about 8.20pm and firefighters, along with a specialist wildfire unit.

At its height, the fire was about one mile from the nearest property yet posed no risk.

As a result of this, GMFRS made the decision to leave the scene and return at first light on Mothering Sunday (March 31).

The fire is being treated as a possible deliberate ignition and all investigations remain ongoing.



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