Lease it with us! OMBC looking for new Mandels tenant

A SEARCH to find a new lease holder for Café Mandels in Dunwood Park could be drawing to a close.

The popular establishment has been shut for nearly a month since previous lease holder Amanda Wright decided to end her stay over a wrangle about opening hours.

OMBC are looking for new lease holders foe Cafe Mandels in Dunwood Park

The Correspondent understands a number of viewings for Café Mandels with prospective tenants have taken place in recent weeks.

A spokesperson for Oldham Council, who are ultimately responsible for the building, said: “The lease has been put out to tender for interested parties to apply, with a closing date of noon on Friday, September 21, 2018.”

Amanda spent seven months trying to negotiate reduced opening times before giving notice to quit.

OMBC told the Correspondent in July: “The matter was first put to councillors at a briefing on June 5 after Ms Wright asked to close the café from September until Easter 2019.”

However, they have since admitted: “Discussions had been ongoing with the tenant between November 2017 and May 2018.”

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  1. Obviously Amanda wanted to close the Cafe for 8 months out of 12, it’s not surprising that Councillors were unhappy, they had already agreed to reducing hours last November but the goalposts were changed with a request to close between September and April, if this was a request by the cafe in Chadderton Hall Park it would not be entertained, therefore why should it be in Shaw. Good to see local councillors are on the ball ensuring that this Greenflag Park is used to us maximum potential.

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