Lib Dem Louie retains his role as Oldham’s youngest political leader

Councillor Louie Hamblett has been re-elected as group leader of Shaw and Crompton Parish Council Liberal Democrat Group.

Cllrs Dawn Blackburn and Louie Hamblett

Cllr Dawn Blackburn becomes deputy leader with Cllr Howard Sykes as group secretary.

“I am really grateful to my colleagues once again for their unanimous support and delighted to be working with our new deputy leader,” said Cllr Hamblett.

“I am looking forward to working with her and our Council Group for the year ahead.
“I am also very passionate regarding youth services.

“At 27, I am the youngest leader in Oldham and will look to lobby the OMBC leader (Cllr Sean Fielding) who is a year my senior and seek to reverse some of the damaging cuts we’ve seen in youth services.

“As someone who has Asperger’s Syndrome I hope to make as much representation as possible regarding large scale cuts to disability services and also seek to raise Autism awareness on both the council and in our community.”

Cllr Blackburn added: “One of my other jobs is working with autistic pupils.

“I will support Louie with his representations whenever possible.

“I also care deeply about our environment and with support from OMBC and various charities I am trying to secure extra improvements in Shaw and Crompton.”

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