Library fire! But no need to be alarmed

AN ancient tale will be to life with a modern twist this month thanks to the Forest Tribe Dance Theatre Company.

Based on the book ‘Prince of Fire: The Story of Diwali’, the production at Royton and Crompton libraries tells of Prince Rama and Princess Sita and their battle against ten-headed demon, Ravana.

Children will be encouraged to put on props and costumes, become a part of Hanuman’s monkey army and help in defeating the evil monster.

The two performers take the audience on a voyage through the forests, royal palaces and a demonic island to restore the true King and Queen to the throne and cast light across the kingdom.

‘Prince of Fire’ is an immersive, engaging and fun-filled performance for families.

Co-commissioned by Oldham Libraries and Barefoot Books, the show takes place on Thursday, October 26.

The Royton library event, on Rochdale Road, starts at 11am. Call 0161 770 3087 for more details.

The show then moves to Crompton Library, Farrow Street E, for the 3pm performance. For more details call: 0161 770 8000.

To see the show contact the respective libraries for free tickets.

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