Local authority says it with flowers but councillors would rather have health centre

A SHAW town centre grot spot is to receive a floral makeover and clean-up.

But while the news has been welcomed, local councillors will fight on to bring the site of the former Crompton Pool back into community use.

The former Crompton Pool

The derelict land has been unused since the baths closed in 2014 and the building demolished in 2016.

“The baths site is just a disgrace,” said Shaw councillor Howard Sykes.

”There has also been fly-tipping on adjoining land behind the new Pound Bargain shop.

“Having an eyesore in the heart of our town centre does nothing to attract shoppers or businesses to our high street.

“It is clearly an irritant as my colleagues and I have relayed plenty of complaints from our constituents to council officers and repeated called for some urgent action.”

Potential enforcement action has also been scheduled to tackle fly-tipping on the adjoining private land.

“I am glad some action will now finally be taken as it just needs sorting,” added Cllr Sykes.

“But the long-term solution would be to use this land as part of the location of a new modern health centre for the people of Shaw and Crompton.

“This is something which local Liberal Democrat councillors have been campaigning for over many years and a campaign that we shall continue until we succeed.”

In their response, Oldham Council says it takes the issue of fly-tipping serious and have issued 133 fines to people-with more in the pipeline-since January.

“A spokesperson said: “We’d ask anyone who spots fly-tipping to report it. Our officers will investigate and if they find any evidence then we’ll take action.

“The Pound Land site has been reported to us and we are currently taking legal action against the owners so they clear up the site.

“We are already planning to cut back the overgrown area and litter pick the former baths site.

“We’re also sowing a wildflower mix on the site so once they flower it will look nice for residents.”

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