Losing weight has been ‘life changer’ for slimmer Pauline

A SHAW grandmother has described as “life-changing” a decision to tackle her weight issues.

Pauline Mason has dropped nearly five stone and taken off diabetes medication since becoming a full-time member of Slimming World held at Royal British Legion, Shaw. Now the former pay roll clerk urges others to overcome any reluctance to address their problems and follow her lead.

“My diabetes had gone unnoticed for quite a number of years,” explained Pauline, 67.

“I was sleeping a lot and eventually I was sent for blood tests.

“When I was diagnosed I was on Metformin and insulin. I was also advised to lose weight which I did a little.

“But I was too embarrassed to go to Slimming World because I was too big or so I thought. And then I was put on another type of insulin.”

At her heaviest, Pauline, who is a mum of three, grandma of nine and great-grandma of three, weighed more than 17 stone.

By her own admission, she “gorged on chocolate and sweets instead of having a proper meal.”

Hampered by back and knee problems as well Pauline struggled to find a permanent solution to her problems until persuaded to try Slimming World.

“I am over the moon by how I feel,” she told the Correspondent. “But I am carrying on my journey until I get to what I consider a reasonable weight for my height and age.

“I have set my target of 12 stone. If I can get lower then I will because even at 12 stone I am still be classed as obese.

“But my doctor is very happy with the way things are going forward. When I went for a recent diabetic check and he took me off all the insulin.”

Pauline admits there has been no magic formula to her improved body shape.

“Just healthy eating,” she explained. “Instead of a meal I would reach for bar of chocolate.

“And when I went to Slimming World it was not as hard as it was before.

“I am eating more fruit and vegetables and the fruit is satisfying my sweet tooth.

“I don’t eat as much bread and if I fancy chips I will have sweet potato chips.

“There are just so many healthy options I can have to replace what I was eating before.

“I just have got a lot more get up and go since I have started to lose weight.

“I can at least walk the dogs round the block which I could not have done a couple of months ago.

“I can-at a slow pace-walk up a flight of stairs. Before, I had to use a stair lift.

“I can also do more of my own housework and I enjoy a bit of gardening.

“Going to Slimming World has been a life changer for me.”

A spokesperson for Slimming World said: “I think the word diabetes is heard an awful lot but the serious consequences of the illness aren’t always highlighted.

“To think how many people are diabetic or pre diabetic in Oldham, and then to think how many could reverse that just by losing weight is powerful stuff.”

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