‘Lucky’ Kath says thanks after an almost fatal attack by cows

A HIGH Crompton woman is celebrating her “big piece of luck” after almost being trampled to death by cows.

Kath Whitehead arrested twice and was placed on a life support machine after the frightening attack near her home.

The 60-year-old’s lung was punctured after suffering three broken ribs in the animal attack.

Kath’s shoulder and collarbone were also broken and she suffered major bruising.

In total she spent three weeks in Manchester Royal Infirmary but has now made a complete recovery.

Kind-hearted regulars at High Crompton Conservative Club, where Kath is a well-known visitor, helped raise £200.

She also received vouchers to the value of £40 and £20 from DH Lees & Sons butchers and Harrisons greengrocers, both on Rochdale Road.

In turn, Kath has thanked her friend and ‘saviour’ Susan Prenty for coming to her rescue and accompanying her to hospital.

“I was lucky this time; you don’t buy that luck twice,” Kath told the Correspondent.

“I died twice – once in the ambulance and once in the hospital.

“I don’t know where that big piece of luck came from but it was there when I needed it.

“My friend rung for an ambulance straight away. I was slumped in a chair in her lounge and didn’t know where I was or what I was doing.

“All I remember was somehow getting down to her house from the field.

“So, I want to say a big and humble ‘thank you’ to her.

“How can you repay a person who has saved your life? You can’t really.

“I just want to thank the staff and committee at the club plus everyone else for these gifts.”

Kath was walking a familiar daily route with her much loved dog Alfie on a public footpath near High Crompton park when the drama started.

“I wasn’t doing anything wrong but I didn’t know one of the cows had just calved. I couldn’t see it.

“I do know cows can get aggressive when they have just produced and that’s what it was.”

Despite her pain and distress, Kath, followed by Alfie, managed to reach her friend’s home from where she was rushed to hospital.

“I’m definitely not going into those fields again,” she added with a rueful smile.

Conservative Club steward Les Whittle has also played a good Samaritan role after Kath’s troubles.

He rang around local hospitals to try and discover her whereabouts and condition and then alerted family members living in Cambridgeshire.

“Kath is a bit of a character and everyone who knows her round here were really concerned,” he explained.

“We do a lot of fundraising for local causes and individuals and we wanted to do something for when she got back on her feet.”

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