Lucy’s relaxing way to better mental health

A SHAW mental health nurse whose life has been twice touched by major tragedy has dedicated herself to helping people cope with trauma and troubles in their own daily lives.

Lucy Livesey

In 2017, Lucy Livesey was told her 24-week-old daughter’s heart defect meant baby Ellie wouldn’t survive birth.

Fifteen years ago this month twin brother Ashley died during a cross-country race, aged just 15.

Lucy, 30, is now proud mum to eight-month -old Isaac and passionate about helping people with mental health issues through mindfulness and her relax and breathe classes.

A former Royton and Crompton School pupil, Lucy is also poised to return to her old school to deliver self-awareness and mind classes.

“I believe I have a lot to give,” says Lucy whose Thursday sessions take place at Sports Physio UK on Market Street.

“One in four people suffer from mental health problems and people don’t talk about it because it is massively stigmatised.

“I hope the journey which I have been through can prove inspirational and show you can come through the other side.

“Rapid access to personalised support as an early intervention is a priority for low level mental health needs,” says Lucy.

“We find people are sometimes waiting up to 12 months for NHS therapy and intervention, unable to get immediate help unless they have reached crisis point.

“From feedback I have received clients have said that without the classes they wouldn’t have known where they might be.

“It’s given them opportunity to chat with someone neutral but who is also a nurse who can give them evidence-based support and advice.

“It was during my second year of university – training to be a psychiatric nurse – I got really bad anxiety.

“At that time there was a lot going in my life and I decided I didn’t want to go down the traditional medication, therapy route.

“What really helped me was meditation and relaxation. So, when I qualified as a nurse I went to do qualifications because I knew this would be beneficial for the patients I work with.

“After what happened to Ellie I was off work and thought I didn’t want to go back into the hospital environment again.

“So, I decided to set up my own business, Relax with Lucy, and leave the NHS.

“The main structure of the classes is guided relaxation and mediation but also breathing techniques people can use to help them combat anxiety and stress.

“It’s about finding simple techniques to help you get the full enjoyment out of life and without being too down. And the evidence is there to say they work.”

Hourly classes cost just £5 and take place at 5pm and 6.30pm. Lucy, additionally trained in reiki, acupuncture and massage, is also offering free taster sessions.

For more information go to online to: or call 07812 394 056.

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