Make your cake and eat it at Anna’s new themed parties

MEET the characters you will be seeing plenty of if your youngsters receive an invitation to a cupcake party.

Rainbow, Sprinkles, Sweetie and Strawberry are the brainchild of Shaw based children’s party host and dance teacher Anna Kirkpatrick.

Together with Rachel Walker from Corner House Cakes, Society Street, the pair are launching their parties next month when the ‘fab four’ will be making their first appearances together with a cupcake fairy called Angelica.

“I have done plenty of themed parties including LOL, Greatest Showman, Unicorns but this is a new idea,” explained Anna.

“Rachel has always wanted to do cupcake parties so we said why don’t we do it together?

“It’s fusing decorating cupcakes with disco and party games. Rachel will do the cake decorating and I will do the dancing and the games.

“It will be colourful, fun and something different. The children can enjoy cupcake related party games with a craft activity.

“They will get to decorate their own cupcakes and their own boxes.

“We have started to advertise the parties on social media and we’re already taking bookies.

“And as an extra treat a company called, Forever After Events, have created a cupcake fairy for us called Angelica who will visit the parties as well.”

For more information on how to book a party contact Anna via email at or ring 07739 317616.

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