Motability at OMC Motor Group

HAVE you just discovered you are eligible for a new car on the Motability Scheme? There are many people who receive the qualifying benefits and do not realise their PIP or DLA could be the key to a brand-new car and everyday freedom on the Motability Scheme.

Here at OMC Motor Group across Ford and Kia we have several Motability Specialists who can help guide you through choosing the right car to suit your needs.

With decades of combined experience of working with our Motability customers, our dedicated teams in both Ford and Kia, are here to help.

OMC Motability team

Driving a Motability Car gives you the everyday freedom, and peace of mind knowing that everything is covered in a brand-new reliable car every three years. Warranty, Servicing, Maintenance, Full Breakdown Cover and Fully Comprehensive Insurance for three nominated Drivers are all included.

You don’t need to be a driver yourself. For example, the scheme is accessible to the families of children who qualify for the Motability Scheme.

Here at OMC, we know and understand that not all disabilities are visible. We are mindful of ensuring we work with all our Motability customers in a way which makes them feel included, valued and respected.

For some, we work with car adaptation providers to help find mobility solutions to make driving easier. This may include a hoist to get a wheelchair or scooter in and out, or seats that can move to assist getting in and out of the car.

We have many cars available across Ford and Kia and our customers can take advantage of some of the fantastic models across the Ford and Kia Motability range to get the car of their dreams.

From the flexibility of a seven-seater to the new electric and hybrid technology, we can help you decide what sort of car will suit your everyday needs.

For more information why not book an appointment with one of our Motability Specialists and they can talk you through the next steps to your everyday freedom.

We’ve got dedicated parking you can reserve for your visit. Just let us know and we’ll save you a space right outside.

OMC is a fourth-generation family-owned Ford and Kia Dealer and we have regularly won awards from Motability for the way in which we look after our customers. We very much look forward to welcoming you to the OMC Family.

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