MP welcomes summer school participants

DEBBIE Abrahams, MP for Oldham East and Saddleworth, has welcomed participants to her nine annual Working For My Community Summer School.

This year’s summer school is being held in person for the first time in a couple of years following the Covid-19 pandemic and aims to help participants aged 18-24 understand politics and working for their community.

MP Debbie Abrahams welcoming participants to her 9th Working for Your Community Summer School

Mrs Abrahams said: “For me politics is about public service. This summer schools is about young people, developing their understanding and experience of civic duty, public service and how to work for the benefit of their communities.”

Participants will spend the first week in the MP’s Oldham constituency office taking part in expert-led workshops, meeting MPs advisors and other special guests.

During the second week participants will choose work placements with community organisations to further develop their experience-based skills.

Guest speakers during the summer school will include Mayor of Greater Manchester, Andy Burnham and shadow Foreign Secretary David Lammy.

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  1. These Days Debbie Abrahams, (much like Andy Burnham,) is really just another, “New Labour,” dinosaur and I’d be far more impressed with her if she spent the same amount of time, energy and commitment helping and supporting her own constituents that she does on this stuff.

    I loved, (in fact I fell my seat laughing,)” Burnham’s absolutely priceless comment that, “You are the generation who will put right the chaos in politics,” which coming from one of the worst and most conspicuous instigators of that, “chaos,” was absolutely hilarious but particularly so to anyone who remembers New Labor’s actual track record in office.

    Other people may disagree with me, but my comment would reflect our own real life experiences, (and also those of several other people we know,) of dealing with her as our MP.

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