New EP is exciting debut for The Miners Band

A HIGHLY anticipated musical debut for locally based The Miners Band comes with the release of a their EP Here’s To The Old Days.

Acoustic soloist LeeJCluskey, from Chadderton, is the frontman and he is joined by Uppermill drummer Jack Summerfield while Durham based keyboard player Richard Ellis Hawley is the exception as he is a Kiwi by birth.

The Miners Band practise at Sure Five Studios, Royton, and Wharf Mill, Dobcross, as they remain close to their roots.

Songwriter Cluskey said: “I think the EP is a land marker, not only for me as a musician but the sound in general.

“With these particular recordings there is a more instrumental sound that will become more acoustic in leading up to the recording of the first album.

“With the first two songs ‘Rock’N’Roll Soldier’ and ‘As Luck Would Have It’ they have a catchy country rock meets a 1980s garage rock and with ‘In The Heavens’ the intro has a classical piano sound maybe you can hear coming from the Titanic ballroom. You can even hear the piano of a rowdy partisan bar in the late 1950s.

“There are also acoustic solos on the EP giving it a musical balance. It’s a decent EP and a good opener as far as a first recording goes.

“Don’t get me wrong there’s a lot more still to come and musically everything will improve over time.”

The EP is intended to pave the way for a debut album which is earmarked for 2020.

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