New network to inspire and empower Oldham women launched by council leader

INSPIRATIONAL women from across Oldham are invited to join a new taskforce headed by Council Leader Arooj Shah, with the aim of addressing disadvantage and promoting greater equality.

The group, which is set to include representatives from the council and local MPs along with women from Oldham businesses, charities and voluntary organisations, the arts and culture sector, educational institutions and more, will meet for the first time on Friday, September 3.

Cllr Arooj Shah

Their remit will be to explore issues affecting women in Oldham, tackle existing inequalities and deliver a series of projects that make a real difference to women and families in the borough.

Cllr Shah said: “This is an issue really close to my heart. One of the driving forces of my career has been to address issues of inequality wherever they are found, but I am particularly keen to support those causes that affect women in Oldham and elsewhere.

“I know that many people across Oldham are passionate about female empowerment and equality and I want to bring these people together into a women’s taskforce.

“This group will be made up of talented and dedicated women rooted in Oldham that care passionately, as I do, about the town and our communities.

“Together I know we can make a real difference, and I’m really looking forward to us getting started.”

Invitations are being sent to a number of women across the borough, of all ages and from a variety of backgrounds, to join the taskforce.

Rather than being a formal council body, this group will meet on an informal basis, with discussion points and potential projects being encouraged from all members.

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