New Year closure for Shaw bank

SHAW’S two remaining banks are to close.

The doors of Barclays Bank on Market Street will shut for the final time on Friday, September 14.

RBS on Rochdale Road, Shaw

And the axe has now been confirmed to finally fall on the Royal Bank of Scotland in Shaw.

The branch on Rochdale Road will shut for the final time on January 28, 2019 after surviving a round of cuts earlier this year which brought the demise of RBS branches in Oldham and Rochdale.

The Shaw branch has only been offering a three-day a week service since June 5, 2017 but now it is one of 54 new branches across the country whose fates have been sealed.

Confirming the news RBS said: “The world of banking has changed a lot lately and the changes show no sign of slowing down.

“Most people are doing their day-to-day banking online by mobile apps or over the phone. More people are even doing bigger things that way, like opening a business account or getting a ban.

“Fewer people visit branches and they do fewer transactions when they there.”

RBS say since 2012 counter transactions have reduced by 45 percent in the Shaw branch. Only 54 customers use the branch on a regular basis. Of these customers, 46 percent also use other branches.

A total of 3,305 customers visited the branch in the last six months. Of these, RBS, state, 77 percent also to choose to bank online via telephone or at an ATM.

Options now available for Shaw customers include the use of NatWest branches in Oldham (2.82 miles away), Rochdale (4.26 miles away) and Hollinwood (4.5 miles away).

A number of services are also available to personal and business customers at Shaw Post Office, Higher Crompton Post Office and Heyside Post Office.

The Yorkshire Bank, also on Market Street, shut in August 2016 because it had become “unsustainable.” Lloyds Bank in Royton will close on Tuesday, September 25.

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  1. Find these statistics hard to believe… whenever I use shaw RBS there is always a queue…
    no banks in royton and now none in shaw ???

  2. This is evidence of a total lack of social responsibility on the part of the banks concerned. This double whammy can only have a damaging effect on the viability and vitality of Shaw as a shopping centre. For elderly people or anyone reliant on public transport to get about this must be a devastating blow.
    The reasons given by the banks for closure are self-justificatory blather. I am originally from Crompton but currently live in a town in Buckinghamshire (Chesham) with an almost identical population size as Shaw and Crompton in the 2011 census (22,356 compared with 21,065 in Shaw.) Chesham has Barclays, Lloyds, , NatWest, HSBC banks, plus a cash dispenser in Sainsbury’s for Sainsbury’s bank. Additionally, there are three building society branches. This is clear evidence of regional bias on the part of the banks, a misguided sense of simply following the money and abdicating all social responsibility. The RBS only exists today because the government and the taxpayer stepped into save it. Its behaviour is a disgrace.

    What has the local MP been doing to avert this happening. I shall be taking steps to end my forty one year association with Barclays Bank and I would urge all local customers of these banks to do likewise. Being hit in the pocket is the only language these people understand.

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