No need to feel down in the mouth at Cosmetic Dentures

ROYTON born and bred Chris Webb never intended to become a dental technician.

But anyone in need of his services at Oldham Road Dental Studio is now buying into 42 years of experience.

Chris Webb

A former Manchester Metropolitan University lecturer, whose talents for repairing teeth also took him to Harley Street and Germany, he first visited his current premises as a school shy teenager.

“I was 15 when I came here for a job interview,” explained Chris. “I had no idea what a dental technician was or did.

“But every time you got a job interview, you got a day off school so I went for every job known to man.

“However, I walked in here and it looked like a Victorian workshop so I thought, ‘I am not working here’ and off I popped.

“As it happened my best mate’s brother-in-law was a dental technician and he said we are looking for an apprentice.

“I thought, ‘Another day off,’ so went down Manchester but still had no intention of becoming a dental technician. My plan was to be an architect.

“As we left school none of the jobs I had lined up started until September and this guy in Manchester said I could start straight away at £12 a week.

“So, I thought, ‘I will do that for a few months’. More than 40 years later here I am!”

During those four decades his profession has changed beyond recognition but not his skill for producing copy dentures or repairing and cleaning dentures.

“There are nowhere near as many dentures being produced as there used to be,” he added.

“People aren’t losing their teeth as much as they did and dentists are reluctant to take them out.

“In the past patients would go into a dentist for a full mouth clearance and have dentures slammed straight back in. That’s changed now.

“But it is impossible to overstate the importance of dentures to the wearer,” added Chris.

“So, if you bring a denture in here and the teeth are bad on it I can do an exact copy with new teeth or make little adjustments, re-setting teeth and dentures.”

But do not mistake Chris for a dentist.

“I must get 10 phone calls a week from people asking if they can they join my practice,” he smiles.
“And I don’t take impressions of people’s mouths; dentists do that.”

However, Chris is a fully qualified dental mechanic with the ability to make life brighter and easier for his patients – especially when it comes to Christmas time.

“There is never a good time for your dentures not to work,” he said.

“So, while the business is open Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm, we do offer an emergency out-of-hours service.”

To find out more about Oldham Road Dental Studio visit Chris at 371 Oldham Road, Royton, opposite the Royal Oldham Hospital, or call 0161 624 8646 or email:

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