Off yer bike! Moorland beauty spot under threat from bikers

THOUGHTLESS off-road bikers have been condemned for mindless destruction of Crompton Moor.

Stone walls have been knocked down, bridleways destroyed and gates knocked down by the speeding trespassers. Now volunteers, who help preserve the natural habitat for more appreciate visitors, have condemned the intruders’ actions.

And they urge anyone seeing incidents to immediately report them to the police.

“Quad bikes and off roaders are seriously damaging the moor,” said a spokesperson for the Friends of Crompton Moor.

“They are causing serious damage to the area driving through gates and cutting the wire fencing.

“They knock down the stone walls and destroy the bridleways by churning up the mud and causing deep ruts.

“Crompton Moor is a well-loved area for walking, horse riding, and cycling, and these motorised vehicles are selfishly destroying it.

“We know a lot of people find it difficult to get through on 101. But it really is important to get a crime log number when you see motorised vehicles on Crompton Moor.

“The police will only act when they have proof that there is a real problem.

“The more logs we can flag up the more chances we have of getting the police to stop this.

“At the moment the police are telling us that there are not enough 101 calls being made for Crompton Moor which to them means there isn’t a problem.

“If you can’t get through on 101; you can now report crimes on the police website.

“If you still have a problem, send details to

“Give a description, time and date, with as much detail as possible, and we will log it for you.

“These people are causing so much damage to wildlife and spoiling this beautiful area for all of us who care for the moor.”

The work of the Friends’ group is helping restore and conserve the important recreational and natural moorland of Crompton Moor.

The benefits include:
• increased water retention to
sustain their special plant life
and peat bogs
• a healthy, bio-diverse and
resilient eco-system that
benefits wildlife
• improved footpaths /
bridleways to minimise
recreational erosion and
disturbance to wildlife
• reduced peat erosion
• slower run-off into rivers after
downpours, potentially
reducing flood-risks
• more carbon retention, stored
in the peat, which helps
mitigate climate change.

Over the last couple of years, working alongside Moors for the Future and Manchester City of Trees, FoCM have planted 11,500 plugs of Sphagnum moss and 3,500 broadleaf trees to help restore the moor.

Volunteers spend many hours working to maintain and enhance Crompton Moor for its wildlife and all its users.

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  1. You’ll find the main culprits are from Newhey and Milnrow, who access Crompton moor via top of Huddersfield Road,
    They have been reported numerous times to Rochdale Police for riding on footpaths, harrassing motorist, riding on wrong side of road, with no joy, police have been given names and sent dashcam footage, yet same culprits are still terrorising Newhey, Milnrow and destroying land.
    These are locally born males, who have no respect for other humans never mind animals and nature.

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