Oldham Hulme Grammar School welcomes a new Principal

OLDHAM Hulme Grammar School has welcomed 2023 with a new face, Principal Tony Oulton

Hulme has, for generations, educated the children of the borough and beyond.  Families have chosen and still choose Hulme for their children because there they find excellence in education, extra-curricular activities for all and an atmosphere of support.

This new era will be no different in that respect.  But as ever, Hulme is ringing in the changes too.

For the first time in its history, the new Year 7 cohort will be co-educational.  As Tony said to staff yesterday, “this is a natural next step in the evolution of the school since the merger of the boys’ and girls’ schools, and our students are already taught together in Year 6 and below, and in Sixth Form.

Life is co-educational, university is co-educational and the research now shows that teaching children in single sex settings offers no tangible benefit, in fact both boys and girls thrive when taught together at Hulme”.

He added, “Hulme has an incredibly bright, prosperous, happy future ahead of it, and everyone; staff, students, parents, and our community, will play their part.  It’s an exciting time to be joining Hulme, and I can’t wait to lead the school into the future”.

He also announced investments in the school estate, amounting to hundreds of thousands of pounds, which although they couldn’t be described as ‘sexy’ were an indication of the positivity around the dawn of this new era.

Tony brings a wealth of experience from both the state and the independent school sectors.  He is a native of the North West, was born and educated in Liverpool and went on to the University of Oxford.  He has taught and had leadership positions at Worth School, Woldingham School, St Albans High School for Girls and most recently was Acting Principal of Pimlico Academy.

He is looking forward to getting to know students and staff, meeting parents and getting ‘out and about’ in Oldham, representing the School and forging partnerships across the community.

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