Opinion divided over re-development of Thornham Mill

RESIDENTS near a proposed redevelopment at Thornham Mill in Royton have been canvassed for their views on the plans.

Developers Blackmores D Ltd are proposing to knock down the derelict mill, replacing it with 72 flats.

Thornham Mill

Of 60 responses received from residents, there has been even split with 29 in favour of development, 29 against and two undecided.

Among potential issues raised by residents were the size of the development, potential for increased traffic to the contributions the developer would make to social housing or highways improvement.

Cllr Hannah Roberts said: “Residents are clearly divided on these proposals, so we felt it was very important to get as many views as possible.

“We’ve relayed all of the points made to planning officers at the council who have followed up with the developers where appropriate.

“But we want to see decent homes, that fit with the community. So, having residents involved in the process really helps.”

The vision for the new flats

Cllr Clint Phythian said: “Across Oldham we need more high quality, appropriate and affordable housing.

“Every development we can bring forward on brownfield sites like this reduces the pressure from the Government to accept proposals on green belt sites.

“There are issues with this proposal. But we hope we can work with the developer to overcome the challenges.”

The mill was built in 1885 by Thornham Spinning Co. Ltd and was extended in 1960, but the majority of the building has been empty since 1962 when the company went into voluntary liquidation.

Since then the mill, on Oozewood Road, has fallen into disrepair and is ‘deteriorating’, according to the developer.

2 Replies to “Opinion divided over re-development of Thornham Mill”

  1. Will these houses if built be for local people . Who have been on waiting lists for years.

  2. As long as things like extra traffic affecting the locality, then it would probably be an improvement to the area since the mill is an eyesore and, quite possibly, a source of vermin.

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