OSFC photography students’ work featured in ‘At Home’ national exhibition

THE eye-catching work of three A-Level photography students from Oldham Sixth Form College has been selected to feature in the ‘At Home’ national exhibition.

The exhibition, held by the Sixth Form Colleges Association (SFCA) National Photography Exhibition from June 4-19, features photographs taken by 140 students from 46 colleges across the country.

OSFC students were encouraged to enter an internal competition for the opportunity to be entered for this exciting national exhibition to showcase their work.

A total of 48 entries were diverse in their creativity, story-telling and techniques, and can be viewed on OSFC’s website.

It was an extremely difficult task to whittle down the entries and select the three finalists for entry into the exhibition: Daisy Kenway, Aimah Naqvi and Sanchia Edwards.

Daisy and Aimah chose to portray images of lockdown from within their home.

Daisy’s work titled ‘Days of lockdown’ was inspired by the concept of lockdown making time seem to move differently, with hours, days and weeks blending together.

‘Days of lockdown’ by Daisy Kenway

Aimah focused her piece ‘Repetition’ on the idea of everyday feeling the same, repeating activities over and over, day in day out.

‘Repetition’ by Aimah Naqvi

Sanchia reflected on a different angle of lockdown with her piece titled ‘Oh how times have changed’, choosing to showcase how ‘normal life’ outside has changed with how quiet the streets have now become.

‘Oh how times have changed’ by Sanchia Edwards

Anupa Joshi, OSFC Course Leader for Photography, feels this exhibition really helped to give all students involved a purpose and inspiration whilst in lockdown.

Anupa said: “During these challenging times, this project allowed our students to reflect on their surroundings and focus their energy on a positive outlay.

“It allowed them to demonstrate their creativity with some truly inspirational outcomes.”

Gillian Keegan, Apprenticeships and Skills Minister, said, “This has been a difficult time for the entire country but this exhibition is a wonderful example of how creativity can flourish in the face of adversity.

“It’s great to see how these sixth form students have captured the experiences of lockdown from a young person’s perspective.

“A huge congratulations to all exhibitors and I wish them every success for the future”.

The exhibition can be viewed online: https://www.sixthformcolleges.org/411/at-home 

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