Pointing the way to walking wonder Ida’s achievements

THE accolades keep on coming for active Royton pensioner Ida Ashworth.

Earlier this year Ida, 91, founder of Oldham’s Wednesday Walkers group, received the British Empire Medal for her services to the community.

Now, a footpath sign on the Oldham Way has been adopted in honour of the club’s president.

“It is never ending,” laughed Ida whose rambling group, formed nearly 34 years ago has around 240 walkers in five groups depending on age and fitness. “But I think it is great.

“I am very pleased people think so much of me to go to all his trouble.”

Evergreen Ida has already walked to the signpost on the Crompton Circuit and located off Buckstones Road and close to Crompton Fold.

John and Ida Ashworth

“It is a walk I used to do regularly,” added Ida, who established the club after she retired from Ferranti in Derker.

“I can’t manage it all these days but I can certainly still do some of it,” added the former baker and confectioner. “The sign is great and much better than I thought.”

Maureen Lindsay, chair lady of the Wednesday Walkers, explained: “When Ida received her BEM we were considering adopting a footpath sign for Peak and Northern Footpath Society.

“And we thought it would be a nice gesture to adopt the sign in honour of Ida. We think it has been a nice surprise for her.”

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