Police taskforce set up to counter increase in business crime

By Charlotte Green, local democracy reporter

A DEDICATED police team, Operation Dynamo, has been set up after a 500 per cent rise in commercial burglaries in Shaw.

Hot-spot locations included Shaw town centre, Beal Lane, Market Street, and Rochdale Road, with some targeted more than once.

Cllr Ateeque Ur-Rehman

Cabinet member for police and community safety, Cllr Ateeque Ur-Rehman, told Oldham Council’s full council meeting a taskforce has now been set up to investigate repeat offences of ‘serious acquisitive crime’.

He was responding to a question from Cllr Chris Gloster, who asked whether theft and burglary were ‘no longer a priority for police in Shaw and Crompton’.

Cllr Gloster, who has called for a public meeting with Oldham borough command team, said: “Shaw town centre businesses are currently experiencing a crime wave in that numerous premises have either been broken into or suffered an attempt, some on repeat occasions.

“Shaw and Crompton councillors have called police to a meeting of the community forum to be told CCTV would be helpful.

Cllr Chris Gloster

“Traders who are also victims of crime have fed back to us that though the Greater Manchester 

“Police are aware of the crime, they have CCTV evidence available, it’s not being collected and the crimes are not being further investigated due to lack of threat, harm or risk.

“Does this mean that theft and burglary are no longer a priority for the police across Shaw and Crompton – despite seeing a Twitter feed off the chief constable that says that burglary is.”

Cllr Ateeque Ur-Rehman said: “In relation to the issues in Shaw, Inspector Stewart Wilson has led in preparing a plan for reducing burglaries in Shaw.

“As part of this plan, two weeks ago the police established a dedicated team to investigate repeat offences of serious acquisitive crime including burglaries and robberies. 

“The neighbourhood policing team will arrange to brief councillors about this plan.”

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