Police warning about youths targeting cars after ASB near High Crompton Park

POLICE have issued a warning about passing cars being targeted in incidents of anti-social behaviour, in which a victim is alleged to have been filmed.

Motorists travelling on Rochdale Road near High Crompton Park are believed to have been in the line of fire of objects, thought to be eggs, being thrown towards them.

The most notable incident is thought to have taken place on Halloween and people have attempted to stop what is described as a ‘cohort of teenagers’ in action.

Greater Manchester Police revealed barriers and cones from nearby roadworks are being moved into the path of traffic in a bid to slow it down.

Then unknown assailants, believed to be youths, are targeting vehicles as they attempt to pass them.

One nearby resident revealed the extent of the problem.

She told the Correspondent: “There has been a cohort of young teenagers who have been pushing the boundaries in and around the park for a while.

“I have heard and seen them taunting a vulnerable member of the public over a period of time, mainly when they are not at school and during the day.

“At one point the youngsters were hiding in a tree on a regular basis ready for their ‘prey’.

“The teens were filming the victim and using threatening and very intimidating behaviour and even following the adult

“The victim retaliated with very inappropriate comments, when the teens were encountered.

“Other members of the public also walked with the victim to try to break the cycle.

“Regarding the event on Halloween, I saw evidence of obstacles that had been put in the road.

“A couple of days later I spoke to a lady who said she had to get out of her car to try to remove the obstacle before she could proceed along Rochdale Road in front of the park but was ‘egged’ in the process.

“Quite a few of us individually and at different times, have stepped in to try to quell the situation by reasoning with both parties.”

A statement from GMP said: “We have recently had reports of anti-social behaviour in the park whereby barriers and cones have been moved into the path of on-coming traffic in an attempt to slow the vehicles down.

“Items have then been thrown at the passing vehicles.

“Do you know what your kids are up to?

“To report ASB please ring 101 or 999 if a crime is in progress or there is a threat to life.”

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