Practice makes perfect for Shaw patients’ group

A PATIENT Participation Group (PPG) started five years ago is looking for more volunteers to ensure its work continues to be relevant and important to local residents.

The Oak Gables PPG at Crompton Health Centre, High Street, continues to provide a valuable voice and sounding board for patients.

“It’s been a never-ending task” says chairman Peter Hatton, one of the founder members together with current members, John Starky (treasurer) and Val Killian (secretary).

“I’m grateful to all committee members and the practice management and staff for their help. But with more volunteers and helpers we can do more.”

Practice Manager Debra Reynolds added: “The PPG is an invaluable asset to the Oak Gables Practice and is always supportive in the ever-evolving NHS.”

Initially just a small group, also comprising other patients and members of the Oak Gables Partnership practice, it has blossomed considerably since its launch.

It has its own constitution, regular bi-monthly meetings and annual general meeting to which all patients of the practice are invited. Facebook, Twitter and Internet have also been introduced.

During this time Peter has organised the issue of a “Toolkit” to assist PPG’s in their organisation.

He has led in the initiation of a number of patient surveys, a detailed questionnaire of patient views for the set up within the wished for new health centre when – if – it materialises, and started work reaching out to social groups in Shaw and Crompton as part of the Social Prescribing initiative of Action Together.

He has also attended numerous meetings of Healthwatch Oldham and Royton, Shaw and Crompton Health and Well-being Board, with particularly interest in the new cluster arrangements for all Oldham’s GP practices.

• The first Patient Participation Group was set up in 1972 and from April 2016 it has been a contractual requirement for all English practices to form a patient participation group during the year ahead and to make reasonable efforts for this to be representative of the practice population.

They have the aim of making sure that their practice puts the patient, and improving health, at the heart of everything it does.

• For more information or to join the Oak Gables PPG, call 01706 888222 or email

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