Royton keep on running at Oldham half-marathon

THE Oldham half-marathon provided the setting for Royton Road Runners’ penultimate championship run. 

RRR hold an annual championship consisting of a set number of races throughout the year. Each member earns points according to their best finishing positions in any nine of the races they complete.

A total of 46 RRRs turned out to cover the gruelling 13.1-mile course and enjoyed a marvellous day overall.

Most notable was Sophie Wood’s victory, all the more commendable as she had competed in a Park Run AND a cross-country race the day before.

Rob James cemented his position as RRR championship winner for 2017 with his third place. Close behind was Shane Reading (1.24.52) who claimed the leading over 40’s veteran prize.

Dave Peart (1.27.50) was top over 50’s veteran, Rob Nixon the first V60 (1.50.05) and Ronnie Quinn first V65 (1.50.20) to complete a trophy bonanza for the club.

The females were not to be outdone with Val Kilburn leading over 50’s veteran (1.48.51) and Teresa Hollins first over 60’s (1.57.02).

All RRR finishers:

Rob James, 1.17.55, Jarrod Gritt, 1.21.52, Shane Reading, 1.24.42, Chris Lowe, 1.30.05, Michael Fleming, 1.30.44, Michael Wildbore, 1.30.57, Gary Fielding, 1.33.00, Bernard Goodwin, 1.34.35, Elliot Stone, 1.35.03, Carl O’Callaghan, 1.35.34, Richard Cummins, 1.35.22, David McBride, 1.37.58, Michael Pickering, 1.38.33, Paul Anderson, 1.39.23, Matthew Kilburn, 1.40.48, Richard fiddling, 1.42.11, Bernard Cassidy, 1.42.40, Eamonn Nolan, 1.46.25, Jason Keast, 1.46.57, Robert Nixon, 1.50.05, Ronnie Quinn, 1.50.20, Iain Dredge, 1.51.31, Garry Bower, 1.52.26, Ray Williams, 1.54.49, Phil Austin, 1.58.17, Paul Cooke, 2.00.01, Gary smith, 2.01.29, Tony Kane, 2.02.02, Lee Higginbottom, 2.03.56.


Sophie Wood, 1.32.10, Val Kilburn, 1.48.51, Vikki Smith, 1.49.50, Helen Radcliffe, 1.55.24, Clare Darraugh, 2.03.59, Lisa Cummins, 2.05.30, Donna Ravey, 2.09.18, Jill Hickson, 2.12.42, Martina Naismith, 2.18.48, Bernadette Ball, 2.27.56, Carol Robinson, 2.42.05.

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