Royton Ukulele Group seeks new members

WHAT links George Formby, Tiny Tim and the Haggate pub in Royton?

If you have an interest in the ukulele then you probably know the answer.

Lancashire comedian Formby and American falsetto singer, Tiny Tim, were expert players of the musical instrument.

The Haggate pub is hosting an introduction workshop to the ukulele organised by Royton Ukulele Group (RUG).

It takes place on Monday, January 27 from 6.30pm to 8pm, the regular week night for members of RUG to come together, chat and play.

The group started 18 months ago and comprises people of different ages and skills. Now they hope to recruit new members and the workshop provides chance to learn or know more about the instrument.

If you already own a ‘uke’ then bring it along if not then there will be a few to try.

Depending on the response RUG may start a ‘basic beginners’ class. This could be classes of four to six to get players upto speed to join the group.

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